terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

Continuam as nuvens negras

No FT o título é "Portuguese debt looms over Europe" e subtitulo "EU leaders may have to tackle problem in weeks not months".
No WSJ, o título é ainda pior: "Lisbon Losing Control of Financial Destiny":
  • The market has made up its mind on Portugal. Like Greece last year, five-year bond yields are north of 20%, a deep recession is coming and a clear financing gap lurks in 2013: The Portuguese bailout program pencils in €9.3 billion ($12.3 billion) of bond sales for that year.
  • The immediate catalyst for the Portuguese bond implosion was Standard & Poor's downgrade to "junk." Even though Moody's and Fitch already rated Portugal similarly, this has still caused index-tracking funds to sell. It also raised the already-high bar for returning to market.
O artigo tem um erro que pode ser relevante para os próximos acontecimentos: diz que 90% do parlamento aprovou o orçamento de 2012.

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