domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Crise, crescimento ou contração

No The Economist:
  • In the euro’s first decade, southern Mediterranean countries enjoyed the benefit of lower interest rates, but they failed to reform their labour and product markets to make their economies more competitive for a world in which they had lost the safety-valve of currency devaluation.
  • The crisis is, in effect, moving from an acute to a chronic phase
Krugman no seu blog:
  • The truth is that we’ve just had a powerful test of the Keynesian proposition that when monetary policy isn’t available, changes in government spending move the economy in the same direction – and the results of that test say that what has lately passed for policy wisdom is instead almost criminal folly.
O post de Krugman tem um título elucidativo: "Austerity and growth. Or, actually, shrinkage"

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