terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

Retornos crescentes na blogosfera e na economia

A propósito da economia da blogosfera americana versus europeia sobre a própria economia, o blog Free Exchange do The Economist, descreve um bom exemplo de um caso  com retornos cescentes:
  • The interconnectedness of the blogosphere allows it to take advantage of increasing returns to scale—the more participation in the conversation there is, the more value there is to everyone to participating in the conversation. The potential audience for any post becomes larger, which encourages writers to write more and better posts, of the sort likely to be linked into greater readership. As the extent of the conversation increases, there are more opportunities for specialisation—investment in narrow areas of expertise that make the blogosphere a richer and deeper place. 
  • There are some offsetting costs like congestion; given the scarcity of time and attention additional blog posts do crowd out others at some point. Yet in most cases—certainly in America's economic blogosphere—the whole is vastly more productive than the sum of the parts.

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